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Cosmeceutical Products 

We use a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products to assist us in achieving the best results.


Glo Minerals - Make-Up Range

This product is part of a professional makeup range specifically designed by dermatologists to be worn on both normal and post-procedure treated skin.




A mineral powder foundation that covers and corrects to keep skin radiant and healthy. Designed for all skin concerns, this is an ideal pressed mineral foundation for those who suffer from rosacea, acne and sensitive skin. The non-comedogenic mineral foundation formulation is talc-free, paraben-free and packed with antioxidants and broad-spectrum UV protection to give you not just flawless skin but to also protect. It's the best pressed mineral foundation you could ask for. 



Reduce redness instantly. This unique powder concealer formulation is an excellent redness powder corrector ideal for rosacea, acne and skin over-exposed to harsh weather condition. Plus, with ingredients like Honey Suckle, Zinc Oxide and Caffeine, it also works to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.



Coverage for an occasional blemish, scarring, hyperpigmentation or a visible skin condition (like acne or rosacea). This non-comedogenic, mineral and oil free camouflage concealer offers rich pigment and clinically boasts advanced treatment ingredients to disguise and help improve imperfections. See your pigmentation or dark circles diminish after consistent use of this incredible full coverage oil free concealer. 

Range of everyday skin and body care products for men and women. With these product lines, the end user has access to the professional effective properties of mesoestetic®. Each product forms part of a skin care regime offering cleansing, treatment and protection. 

A good skin care regime is essential for obtaining the best possible results: the cleansing stage boosts the action of active ingredients on applying the treatment and protective properties prevent and control negative effects due to sun exposure.

MesoEstetic - Skin Care Range

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